Landmapper Constellation
Designed for global coverage at a high frequency to produce imagery ready for analysis.
Landmapper Constellation
It's the highest quality pixels for the lowest cost per bit of any satellite constellation in the world.
Available Products
Raw product
The fastest way to get Earth Observation data within 3 hours.

Geometrically-corrected data

Avaliable via API
Analytics-ready data
Imagery product for time series analysis.

To enable temporal analysis the product includes:

Radiometric correction
Sensor correction to be consistent with NASA and ESA satellite systems
API support and monitoring mode for easy integration

Setup monitoring with satellite imagery
Automate search and processing of imagery with /tasks
Build your applications faster on scalable remote sensing infrastructure
Reliable Infrastructure for Your Enterprise
Remote sensing that scales with the demands of your organization
Process 100's, 1000's, or 100,000's images concurrently and in minutes

Build faster with tools and infrastructure tuned for remote sensing
We go from pixels to information 1000x faster than manual remote sensing workflows

Data is always accessible and immediately available to your apps through the API
Search 100's of TB of imagery from multiple sensors in seconds
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