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Story 1 of 15:The Aral Sea is disappearing


The Aral Sea is disappearing: in 2014, the eastern Aral Sea totally dried up. You can see that in 2015 there is some water there, but the levels are much lower than they were historically.

Story 2 of 15:Tracking the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana, USA

Much of the Louisiana coast is actually made up of water rather than land. It can be difficult to separate the two using normal processing methods but the Land-Water Boundary band combination uses Landsat's near infrared band to better illuminate the difference.

Story 3 of 15:Sahara Desert Farming


NDVI shows the growth rates of farms in Southern Egypt, west of Lake Nasser. Large-scale irrigation projects are underway to convert portions of the desert to arable land.

Story 4 of 15:Bogota Urban Growth


Flanked by the Andes mountains, Bogota, Colombia, boasts a population of over 8 million people. With rapid growth over the last several decades, the city has expanded to the north, south, and west. But on its eastern edge, federally protected areas prevent urban sprawl from destroying the vistas of the mountains for all Bogotanos to enjoy.

Story 5 of 15:Portuguese Wildfires


This image was acquired on August 6 and shows an area in the interior of Portugal with an estimated size of 50 x 25 km. Wildfires have been raging in this area for some time. The true color image shows the area after fires have started burning. The change is even clearer in the before and after NDVI images.

Story 6 of 15:Beautiful Hope

Christmas Island, Australia

People fleeing countries across the Middle East and Asia get on boats to make their way to tiny Christmas Island, a tiny Australian island 200 miles from Indonesia, in the hopes of getting asylum.

Story 7 of 15:Frozen

Lake Superior, USA

Towards the end of winter, you can see huge chunks of ice floating on the eastern edge of Lake Superior.

Story 8 of 15:Another Way Around


A proposed competitor to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua, set to be finished by 2019, will run through Lake Nicaragua, a large freshwater lake. The lake is home to rare freshwater sharks and Ometepe, a volcanic island.

Story 9 of 15:Swamp Thing

Georgia, USA

With the land-water boundary processing, you can more easily see where the swampy areas are in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in southern Georgia.

Story 10 of 15:Ain't No Mountain High Enough


Most people count Mt. Everest as the tallest mountain in the world, but that's if you're measuring from sea level. But because of the Earth's rotation, it bulges at the equator, making snow-capped Chimborazo in Ecuador the tallest mountain if you measure from the center of the Earth.

Story 11 of 15:Salty Seas


Guerrero Negro has one of the most productive salt mines in the world, producing over seven million tons of salt per year. It was established near the Ojo de Liebre coastal lagoon to take advantage of the high salinity levels there. The area is also a popular whale watching lagoon and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Story 12 of 15:A River Runs Through It


The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity (22,500 MW). The dam creates electricity, is intended to increase the Yangtze River's shipping capacity, and reduces the potential for floods downstream. The state-of-the-art large turbines are a huge move toward limiting greenhouse gas emissions from China.

Story 13 of 15:Farmlands in California


Vegetation in California is the most active in spring, before the summer drought plants reach their highest results for green mass. The image is processed to highlight vegetation productivity using the NDVI calculation where the brightest color shows the highest vegetation. The fields in orange, highest vegetation, are likely tomatoes.

Story 14 of 15:Sandstorm


What looks like snow is actually piles of sand and dust transferred to the hills and mountains near Dasht-e Kevir, Iran. This is the result of a huge sandstorm in the area in June, 2016.

Story 15 of 15:Mexico City


The details captured by Sentinel-2 allow us to see crisp outlines of city blocks and large buildings, ideal for monitoring changes to urban environments. The frequency of imaging captures trends in rapidly changing environments like Mexico City.