Mission as a Service
To ease the path to orbit, Astro Digital has developed MaaS - a bundled suite of services holistically addressing the technical, finanical and regulatory challenges of your mission.
Challenges of Launching a Satellite Mission
Few commercial industries contain the level of regulatory oversight and complexity that the aerospace industry has. A simple cubeSat mission, could require as many as 6 federal and international licenses before it can be legally launched and operated. On top of that, the regulatory environment is constantly evolving at the whims of political actions and international events. It is therefore imperative to have a well informed and robust regulatory strategy to ensure your satellite mission is successful.
Cost and Schedule
Even the smallest and quickest satellite missions take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. Creative financing, smart cash flow management, and identification of the key risks and milestones can easily make or break you company. It is therefore paramount to enlist the support of your mission partners to fully understand the scope of the related financial and schedule challenges before setting expectations with your stakeholders.
Design and Technical Complexity
Space is hard, after all this is rocket science. When approaching a new satellite based mission, a team must evaluate the technical aspects of the mission holistically and trade them across the satellite, launch and operational segments of your system. Additionally, fully understanding the related cost, schedule, and licensing impacts of those technical decisions can clear your path to early growth or halt you firmly in your tracks.
Beyond the hardware, there exists significant amount of ancillary work to get a satellite based mission off the ground, including everything from early mission design and launch procurement to Export and Spectrum Licensing.
Service Offerings
In-house expertise in both hardware and software
design helps us to build space missions.
Licensing and Regulatory
We facilitate obtaining licenses for managing and commercializing satellite missions
Launch procurement
We help to find the best launch opportunities based on the mission goals and limitation.
Insurance and Finance
We help to find the best launch opportunities based on the mission goals and limitation with our launch partners
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