Mission as a Service
To ease the path to orbit, Astro Digital has developed MaaS - a bundled suite of services holistically addressing the technical, finanical and regulatory challenges of your mission.
Challenges of Launching a Satellite Mission
Usually it takes at least 2 years to build the first satellite mission from scratch. Having a proper mission legacy it's possible to run a brand new mission in less than 6 months.
Launch opportunities
Though the industry of commercial launches is growing there's still a limited number of launch opportunities for various payloads at a reasonable price.
A space mission is a multi-disciplinary task and it requires professionals with different skillset including mechanical engineering, orbit planning, satellite operations and data processing.
Building a spacecraft requires complicated equipment including cleanrooms, satellite antennas, vibration and temperature test machines.
Beyond the hardware, there exists significant amount of ancillary work to get a satellite based mission off the ground, including everything from early mission design and launch procurement to Export and Spectrum Licensing.
Service Offerings
In addition to the satellite hardware itself, Astro Digital provides the following services as baseline components of our MaaS offering.
Licensing and Regulatory
We facilitate obtaining licenses for managing and commercializing satellite missions
Launch Procurement
We help to find the best launch opportunities based on the mission goals and limitation.
Insurance and Finance
We help to find the best launch opportunities based on the mission goals and limitation with our launch partners
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