Systems Engineer
Astro Digital designs, builds, and operates a diverse range of small satellite systems supporting space-based turnkey missions for several business applications, including earth observation, communications, in-orbit demonstrations, risk reduction, science, and exploration. Astro Digital is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with infrastructure around the globe.

Position Summary

As Spacecraft Systems Engineer, your primary role will be supporting development of new spacecraft systems to accomplish customer mission. Specifically, this role includes helping to develop system architectures that most efficiently meet mission requirements, generating technical proposal documents, maintaining various system budgets (power, pointing, data, etc.), design harnessing/interconnects, assisting in spacecraft assembly, integration, and test (AIT), and supporting the on-orbit operations of the spacecraft after launch.

You will also be expected to interpret overall mission objectives, how system configurations coalesce, and how satellites perform in orbit. You will interact daily with the Manufacturing and Satellite Operation teams. In addition to top-level systems design, you will need to quickly understand subsystem and component-level details to troubleshoot spacecraft anomalies. As part of the Spacecraft Engineering team, you will join an iterative design process that encompasses the entire mission lifecycle, from proposal and design through manufacturing, test, and on-orbit operations.

Ability to gather information from teammates, hold a well-formed mental picture of numerous (sometimes conflicting) requirements, and synthesize these inputs into an effective design is crucial.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collect and document mission requirements from teammates and customers
  • Communicate regularly with all engineering sub-disciplines to maintain a detailed picture of the state of the system design
  • Interface between mechanical, electrical, and software engineering subgroups; identify potential gaps in the design
  • Design electrical harnessing for new spacecraft missions
  • Develop and maintain power budgets by tracking mission mode requirements and as-built power consumption numbers
  • Develop and maintain data downlink/uplink budgets
  • Communicate with external ADCS software partner to ensure customer requirements can be met
  • Perform specialty analyses for custom missions using tools such as Python, Matlab, STK, and Excel
  • Analyze spacecraft thermal design, maintain documentation for thermal dissipation of all components
  • Generate proposal presentations and documentation, interact with customers to both obtain design buy-in and synthesize new requirements through iterative discussions
Desired Skills and Experience

  • B.S. or M.S. in engineering (aerospace preferred)
  • 5 years experience in engineering or technical aspects of product design or production
  • Ability to listen carefully, decipher meaning, avoid preconceptions, ignore ego, and work with a team towards the best design possible within given constraints
  • Knowledge of orbital mechanics, the space environment, and spacecraft subsystems
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Skilled with data analysis and simulation in Python, Matlab, Excel, etc.
  • Dedication to carefully documenting all key aspects of a design
  • Ability to read electrical schematics
  • Familiarity with SolidWorks
  • Familiarity with Linux operating system
  • Desire to define and solve problems independently, tempered with experience to know when to seek input
  • Interest in collaborating with a first-rate, friendly team

This position requires access to export-controlled commodities, technical data, technology, software, and services. U.S. citizenship, U.S. legal permanent resident status, or protected person status under 22 CFR §120.15 and 8 U.S.C. § 1324b(a)(3) is required.

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Santa Clara, CA