To provide complete turn-key space missions with high performance small satellites we have developed a stack of world class technologies in communication, structures and payloads

Communication via Ka-band
Advanced Ka-Band Transmitter (AKaT)
downlinks data at 320 Mbps rate.

With the best in SmallSat industry rate
it is possible to downlink all the collected data within 6 hours of acquisition.

Corvus-6 bus
Astro Digital smallest bus design.
It fits different type of payloads that accommodate different types of missions with full 3U of payload volume.

Solar panels generate 34 watts.
Interfaces: CAN, ENET, I2C, SPI, UART, and USB.
Corvus-HP bus
Astro Digital's most spacious and powerful 16U bus.
It can accommodate different type of missions: high-resolution imagery acquisition, deep space research missions with full 12U of payload volume.

Solar panels generate 150 watts
Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, and USB
Camera Payload
Astro Digital spacecrafts are equipped with the best-in-class cameras and spectral filter to provide the required quality of data and fit into the spacecraft payload limitations

We equip our 6U imagery satellites with multispectral cameras where a separate sensor per spectral band provide high radiometric quality of data.
DPM Flight Computer
Astro Digital deploys leading flight computer implementations to achieve the satellite mission goals:

  • Cortex-A8 32 bit ARM running Linux includes Integrated magnetometer and IMU with large selection of external interfaces
  • Novatel OEM615 GPS Receiver includes a distributed portion of the EPS with two 3.3V switches controlled by the Charging Board
  • AstroDev Lithium UHF Transceiver with a custom watchdog included
  • 'Firecode' functionality to force a system-wide hard reboot from the ground
  • Backplane board, routing all circuits to external spacecraft modules as required