Monitoring from space

Our constellation of small satellites captures every location, daily. Imagery is analyzed in real time and streamed to your application via our API.

An API for satellites

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Search imagery

Search archive and future images from open and commercial satellites.

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Process data

Create maps and analyze data.

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Get results

Visualize results right from the dashboard.

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Connect applications

Stream fresh imagery and insights into your applications.

Start monitoring

Sign up for a free account to start building with the API. Turn trillions of pixels into information then stream results into your web or mobile application with just a few lines of code.

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Our satellite constellation

Our Landmapper constellation is designed for global coverage at a high frequency to produce imagery ready for analysis. It's the highest quality pixels for the lowest cost per bit of any satellite constellation in the world.

  • Massive scale: daily global coverage creating images in visible and infrared spectrum.
  • Unique technology: 1 gigabit per second downlink is 10x faster than industry standard.
  • Cost-effective: entire constellation deployed for 1/10th the cost of comparable designs.

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